I believe that therapy begins with the building of a strong, honest, and collaborative relationship. Through the creation of this alliance, it becomes possible to discover client-centered focus for treatment and to engage dynamically in the therapeutic process. I see therapy as a space for healing and growth, co-created and nurtured by both client and clinician. My practice is psychodynamic, relational, and at its core holistic, recognizing and integrating the biological, psychological, and social aspects of experience, as well as the individual, institutional, and cultural roots of issues as they arise.

I am an individual, relationship and family practitioner with over a decade of experience working as an educator, community organizer, counselor, social worker and therapist. I have a deep awareness of how profoundly systemic oppression injures and am dedicated to maintaining a practice that is affirming of all identities and experiences. I have worked extensively within LGBTQ+ communities and prioritize serving those who are often mistreated in mental health settings, including clients of color and queer, trans and non-binary clients. 

Areas of interest and expertise include: full-spectrum family support, including interpersonal dynamics, family planning and fertility issues; addressing grief, loss and trauma; and improving self-care and wellness, in particular for those living with chronic illness and/or disability; though I welcome diversity of focus in my practice.

Please contact me to schedule a brief complimentary phone consultation to determine if we are a good match. During this call, I will outline all relevant guidelines, including payment structure and other logistical considerations, as well as respond to any of your questions. At this point, we will schedule a first session if we agree to proceed with treatment.

Office hours are by appointment only and will be held at Threshold Wellness located at 440 East Girard Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19125.